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1.Advantages of T slot aluminium extrusion

T slot aluminium extrusion is a modular solution that consists of extruded aluminium profiles with a unique T-slot design, and series of specialized connectors & fasteners, which allows designer or purchaser to adjust the structure frame according to their own needs.

t slot aluminium extrusion is a good option for assembling a large production line, installing automation equipment, or setting up a workbench for a production line. And t slot aluminium extrusion frames are becoming increasingly popular because it offers distinct advantages than others

- Wide range of applications

t slot aluminium extrusion has the characteristics of high mechanical and physical properties, such as heat preservation, recyclability, good thermal conductivity and high specific strength. Those features make it widely used in construction field and industrial filed. Like, machine frame, bracket, door, industrial automation equipment, factory and office workbenches, shelves, containers, ladders, etc

- Assemble and install easily.

t slot aluminium extrusion frame cost less labor and less finished time while assembling and installing. The reason is because t slot aluminium extrusion are Modular and multifunctional, it can quickly frame an ideal mechanical equipment cover without complex design and processing

- Adaptability to Changes and Attractive Appearance

t slot aluminium extrusion frame is flexible, it owns unique performance of adaptive variability. Pieces or parts can be interrupted and disconnected, then reassembled as needed. Moreover, the t slot aluminium extrusion structure can be vernier adjustment, it’s simple to move the connectors or fasteners to achieve proper installation.

t slot aluminium extrusions are frequently appear in anodized surface. Anodized aluminium profile has the good-looking appearance and good capacity of anti-corrosion by nature.

- Easy Maintenance

Because of the modular nature of t slot aluminium extrusion, it’s easy and rapid to renewal the parts when the structure is damaged during production.


2.Applicaton of aluminum t slot profile

First of all, aluminum extrusions t-slot cost effectively and less fabrication time, steel unlike aluminum profile which in addition to the costs for the materials, it has higher labor costs associated with it. A steel frame will need to be welded, holes will need to be drilled and tapped, cleaning, prepping, priming, and painting the frame. aluminum extrusions t-slot might cost more in raw material but it cost less in many other aspects. They are modular, which no need to drill or tap holes for other parts. At the same time, aluminum extrusions t-slot already has a clear anodized protective finish.

Second, aluminum extrusions t-slot is flexible. Making 100% accurate before cutting, drilling, and welding is important for using steel frame. But for aluminum extrusions t-slot frame, it can save money by giving engineers the flexibility after the initial design of a project has been completed. You can attach components any time at any location.

Third, aluminum extrusions t-slot is Modular. It’s impossible to add or move any components from a finished steel frame. But for aluminum extrusions t-slot, people can easily attach the addition components by tightening a few connectors because of it’s modular design


3.Applicaton of aluminum t slot profile

aluminum t slot profile know as modular aluminum framing, t slot aluminium extrusion structure. aluminum t slot profile is convenient and fast to assemble, thus, the application filed is very wide. Such as followings:

- Workshop assembly line worktable

The worktable usually built with 4040 aluminum t slot profile, and used in dust-free workshop of electronic factory. This type of workbench does not have high load requirements, it does not require heavy strength aluminum t slot profile to set up.

- Conveying equipment frame

Conveying equipment used for conveying, like roller line, belt line, friction line. The weight of the frame should be considered while selecting aluminum t slot profile system.

- Workshop material rack

The material racks for assembly of aluminum t slot profile are flexible. In order to handle the materials in the material box easily, the material rack is tilted that connected with 45 degree and 135 degree corner pieces. And casters can be installed on or move out of the material rack according to the needs.

- Dust free workshop partitions.

The partitions of the aluminum t slot profile are clean, neat and tidy, it also increase the cleanliness in the partition.

- Industrial fence

Industrial fences made of aluminum t slot profile are convenient for installing pc boards, material mesh and others. Beside, aluminum t slot profile fence does not need to be painted and is more corrosion-resistant and more environmentally friendly. Also, it’s free to change shape and size


4.How to select Aluminum T-slot extrusions structure?

We can generally divided our aluminum profiles into three different designations – light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty.

- Light duty aluminum T-slot extrusions are your best choice for creating something that are not heavy. For example, a pet cage, sign frame, partition screen, etc

- Medium duty or heavy duty aluminum T-slot extrusions is your best choice for creating machine base legs, machine guarding, enclosures, etc.

- heavy duty aluminum T-slot extrusions is your best bet choice for creating strong rigid frames

The commonly specification for aluminum T-slot extrusion is 40 series, the load-bearing of this series can meet the requirements of daily usage.40 series including 40×40 light, 40×40 heavy, 404×0 right angle, 40×80 standard and 4080 heavy. 40×40 and 4080 can be used together to customize conveyor belt bracket, conveyor line support. column can choose 40×40 profile, beam can choose 40×80 profile.

If the load is more than 1200 kg, it is necessary to choose large-scale aluminum profiles. For example, 5050 profile, 60×60 profile, 80×80 profile, 50×100 profile, 60×120 profile, 80×160 profile and so on.

The specification of aluminum T-slot extrusions can be customized base on exactly needs. For example, a simple worktable can be made of 3030 profile. For example, the large conveyor line bracket will choose 40 series or above specifications of profile.


5.Four ways fastening Aluminium T-slot Profile

 Assemble strength is an essential element of the construction. The type of material used definitely plays a role, but the fasten method people choose for putting material together is equally as important.

For example, when using aluminium T-slot profile to design a desk, cart, or workstation, there are a few different ways to ensure the units are securely fastened. The followings are the fastening methods that we regularly use for aluminium T-slot profile products.

- Standard Fasteners

A standard fastener is the commonly used method that use to join two pieces of profile. It consists of a bolt and a double-eared plate. The fastener connected with the taper in the t-slots to create an rigid joint. The tabs on the fastener align the profiles which made the t-slots “automatically” lined up. A tapped hole is required on the end of one profile and an access hole, for bolt tightening purposes with the proper wrench, is required on the other profile.

- Universal Fasteners

universal fastener will be considered as an option when people looking for some adjustability for 90-degree profile connection. The fastener is ideal for retrofits and additions to existing frames. Machining will need to be done on the profile that houses the universal fastener.

- Joining Plates

Assembling with joining plate do not have to operate with machining. You can assemble your project with the help of joining plates, t-nuts, bolts and the appropriate wrench. Joining plates can be used to connect profiles in a corner or “T” configuration. Although it is not a requirement, a joining plate can be added to fastener connections for increased strength.

- Gussets

Using a gusset is Another way to accurately assemble 90 degree connections without machining. Gussets ensure a high strength connection and can be used in addition to a fastener for increased strength. The components needed to make the connection are the gusset, t-nuts, bolts and the appropriate sized wrench.

Critical Fastening Considerations

- People expecting for a more aesthetically pleasing design will use standard and universal fasteners method.

- Among those methods, standard fastener and universal fasteners have great strength.

- Discussing the four fastening methods make assembling your project easier.

- Joining plates and gussets can be used without machining to assemble your project

- Universal fasteners and gussets can be used to adjust or move one aluminium T-slot profile of another profile


6.Modular Aluminum Extrusion Oem And Customization

Guangyuan Aluminum Co., itd is a t slot aluminum extrusion manufacturers which supply Standard, Custom and OEM modular aluminum extrusion. Our custom and OEM modular aluminum extrusion services meet any need of our customer may have. Guangyuan cut to length, punch, drill and countersink, form or bend any modular aluminum extrusion to specifications. We also offer standard and custom surface treatment colors, including satin, powder coating, anodized, brushed finishes. If we don’t have the modular aluminum extrusion that meets your requirements, our professional team will assist you with engineering and creating the customized aluminum extrusion to meet your specifications.

7.Recommendation of Cutting Aluminum modular profiles

- Using circular saw or table saw. A few angle errors can be occurred when peopel use a table saw to cut aluminum modular profiles As table saw blades are


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