Automative  Aluminium

Back to the time in 1910,  aluminium has already been used in public transportations. After  decades’ development, nowadays, most of the bodies of fuel-tank trucks,  semi-trailers and trailers are made of aluminium products. In the  meantime, there is an increment in the use of aluminium products in  passenger cars, so, in the near future aluminium car bodies must occupy  the advantage in the market.

There are serious  advantages for the application of aluminium in autos, such as higher  strength-to-weight ratio, higher fuel efficiency, and better  formability. As a result, in such a tough period regarding to energy and  environmental issues, aluminium plays an essential role in weight  lightening, and fuel efficiency increment to ease the energy and  environmental problems.

Bozhong is capable of  providing various aluminium plates and profiles for automotive  industries, which can be used in truck chassis, oil tank, passenger car  body panel, body structure and heat exchange system etc.

Classic alloy:  5182, 5083, 6016, 6011, 6N12, 6014, 6181A, 6009, 6005A, 6061, 6082                      

Product character: good weldability, good formability, superb bake hardening ability