Marine and Offshore Engineering

amr.jpgAluminium  products are largely used in the superstructures of marine and offshore  engineering, such as ship body structures and bays. In addition,  aluminium tubes with small diameter can be used as vessels, and larger  tubes and rods can be masts and beam-columns etc. Sometimes, some  profiles with small wall thickness are used in hull structures for the  purpose of lightening as well.

The  aluminium products from Bozhong possess high strength, good processability  and corrosion resistance, and completely meet the requirements of  marine applications. Via the cooperation with international and domestic  experts, Alnan masters the state-of-the-art production technologies of  aluminium paltes and profiles for marine, and is able to provide  prospective supports for marine and offshore industries.

We are capable of  providing various aluminium alloy products for shipping and offshore  engineering, which are mainly applied in LNG tank, ferry, yacht, patrol  boat, the superstructure and lifting platform for other large vessels,  and the drilling platform etc. 
Classic alloy:  5052、5754、5154、5086、5083、5383, 

Product character: Superior corrosion resistance, good weldability, high fatigue resistance.