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Curtain wall aluminium profiles is a form of the outer protective wall of the building. Generally, the curtain wall is not load-bearing and looks like a hanging curtain. It is also called a hanging curtain, which is a lightweight wall hanging on the outside of the main structure. The curtain wall is characterized by good decorative effect, light weight, and fast installation speed. It is an ideal type of light-weight and assembled exterior wall, so it is widely used in modern large-scale and high-rise buildings. curtain wall aluminium profiles can be produced domestically, and most of them have national or industry standards. However, due to production technology and The difference in management level, the quality of the same type of material in the market, is also very different due to different manufacturers.

Although the curtain wall aluminium profiles as the building envelope does not bear the load of the main structure, it is on the outer surface of the building. In addition to bearing its own weight, it still bears the influence of wind load, earthquake action and temperature action. Therefore, the curtain wall must be safe and reliable, and the materials used in the curtain wall must meet the quality indicators specified by the national or industry standards. curtain wall aluminium profiles do not have national or industry standards for the time being can be used by manufacturers in accordance with the standards of similar products in advanced foreign countries. Standards serve as the basis for product quality control. In short, the use of unqualified materials is strictly prohibited and must have a factory certificate.

Aluminum is the most used metal structure material in the construction industry after steel. The main projects that use aluminum in the construction industry are aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls.

Curtain wall aluminium profiles has good material properties, such as low density (2710kg/m3), suitable strength, good chemical stability, easy to keep clean, high conductivity, good radiation performance, suitable for anodizing, and easy to process.

Curtain wall aluminium profiles generally use 6063-T5 aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. The production process is to add the required chemical components to the pure aluminum ingot solution and continuously cast them into various specifications of aluminum alloy profiles.


ITEM Curtain Wall Aluminium Profiles
Material 6000 series aluminium alloy
Temper T4, T5, T6
Profile Thickness 0.5mm ~ 20mm
Surface Treatment Mill finish, anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, wooden color, fluorocarbon coating, polished, brushed, etc.
Coating Film Thickness 8~25um for anodizing film, 40~120um for powder coating film
MOQ 500kgs for each item
Packing Details Inside: Packed with protection film to protect the surface of each profile
Outside: Wrapped with hot shrink film and waterproof craft paper
Settlement Term Calculate by actual weight or theoretical weight in the drawing
Delivery Time Die Tooling & Sample Testing: 7-15 days
Mass Production Completed: 15~25 days after samples are confirmed by the buyer
 FOB Port Guangzhou / Shenzhen / Foshan
Payment Term T/T 30% for deposit and 70% for balance before shipping
Production Capacity 12,500 tons monthly and 150,000 tons annually
Certificate and Standard CQM, ISO, SGS, BV
Guarantee Surface finish can be stable for 10~20 years for indoor usages
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