Chemical Vessels

Chemical Vessel

Due to the oxidation film  formed on the surface of aluminium products, aluminium tanks can be  directly used to transport various liquid and liquefied gases without  any inner protective coating, and the purity of oil can be guaranteed  because there is no corrosion occurs within the tanks. Furthermore,  there is few static electricity generate on aluminium tanks due to their  excellent electrical conductivity, therefore the risk of explosion  induced by spark can be eliminated. 

Additionally, aluminium  tanks have large capability to absorb the transient energy generated  during impact, and therefore prevent the tank from cracking, and  leaking. In the meantime, by using aluminium tanks, the gravity centre  of the trucks can be lowered, and hence decrease the risk of rollover.  This is also the reason for BP and SHELL to use aluminium tanks in  petrol transportation.  

Bozhong  is capable of providing various aluminium plates for tank trucks and  other transportations with chemical vessels, especially the alloy  5083-H321, which is most suitable for liquefied natural gas (LNG)  transportation due to its increased ductility and strength under low  temperatures.


Classic alloy type: 5052, 5083, 5182, 5454


Product character: high  strength, excellent machining performance, corrosion resistance,  exfoliation corrosion resistance, inter-crystalline corrosion  resistance, recyclable.