Alcobendas aluminum perforated wall cladding panel

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 Surface treatment:  

Anodizing, powder coating. Paved, pvc coated.


Whole type:

Round, slotted, square, scale hole, hexagonal hole, decorative hole, plum blossom and so on.



1. Can be readily formed

2. Easy installation

3. Can be painted or polished and anodizing.

4. The thickness of materials is wide range from 0.3mm-8mm.

5. Largest selection of hole size patterns and configurations

6. Uniform sound abatement,

7. Attractive appearance,

8. Light weight,

9. Durable,

10 Superior abrasion resistances

11. Accuracy of size



Aluminum perforated metal mesh is widely used as decorative mesh. This aluminum perforated metal mesh also can be used in building wall power station, factory suspend ceiling wall and other source of noise in order to sound absorption. 




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