Aluminium Profile for Furniture Pipe & Tube Profile

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Production Capacity: 80, 000 Tons/ Year

Payment Terms: T/T,  L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Certification: ISO9001, RoHS,

Shape: As per customized drawing

Material available: Aluminum alloy 6000series

Temper: T3-T8

Type: Window & Door Aluminium Profile, Decoration Aluminium Profile, Heat Sink Aluminium Profile, Glass Wall Aluminium Profile, Transport Aluminium Profile, Industrial Aluminium Profile, Frame ,Pipe&Tube,Vaporizer

Why is Aluminum Extrusion?
More and more people are realizing the benefits that aluminium extrusion can offer:  The unique properties of aluminium in combination with the virtually unlimited opportunities the aluminium extrusion process gives to adapt product shape to innovate, reduce cost and maximize efficiency. From automotive to architecture, furniture to facades, lifts to lighting, the use of aluminium extrusions is extensive and new applications are being discovered every day.
Besides, the cost of aluminium extrusion is significantly lower than other processes, such as casting or forming and other extrusion processes such as plastic.  Costs vary depending on the size, type, and complexity of extrusion.
In addition, the low density of aluminium results in a lightweight profile compared to other materials, which is easy to handle down the supply chain, as well as being cheaper and more environmentally friendly to transport.


Our advantages:
1. Technician team: over 30 years of experience in Aluminium extrusion for industrial application.
2. Rich source of Aluminium ingot locally.
3. Export staff embodied with fluent English communication skills, good knowledge in aluminium extrusion industries, and exports. Stable and reliable to help to sort out all problems.
4. Wide range of Aluminium alloy materials available.

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